Praise and Prayer Requests

Please consider praying to God for his guidance and blessings for our current and future mission projects

  • Prayer for the August team to Laredo, Texas. Pray for God's encouragement to be bold, vulnerable, and impactful for this team. Pray for their overall experience and stress-free preparations in planning and travel there.  
  • Prayer for our International EEG Tech students in Zambia, Uganda, and Antigua. Many students are doing well as they are now 50% done with their program. However, some are starting to fall behind in their homework or attendance. We ask God to help.
  • Strengthen the paths of those struggling so they can find the time and resources needed to complete the program.  
  • Prayer for EEG Tech "John" in Tanzania. A previous EEG Tech student, he is taking his ABRET EEG Tech exam soon. If he passes, he will be the first Registered EEG Tech in all of Tanzania. Neurotech has sponsored and mentored him for years, and he has become a personal friend. God give him strength in his preparation for studying for the exam. Make his path easy when traveling to Kenya to take the exam, with no hurdles in travel or logistics during this time.  
  • Praise God for the work of Soles for Jesus! God, we are blessed by all the employees in Illinois and Wisconsin who helped donate 200 plus shoes to support low-income people with no shoes in Africa.  Shoes have been donated, and we pray for Soles for Jesus in their mission of spreading God's love and handing out the shoes.  
  • We ask God to help us develop Neurotech EEG Institute with our friends in Latin America at Eltec. We are recruiting students to become EEG Techs through our training program. Getting these techs trained will help in the quality of EEGs performed to help accurately diagnose epilepsy and neurological disorders.  
  • God, please look after our funds and help Neurotech to continue to be profitable so we can support these ongoing tasks and projects.
  • Praise God for all the Neurotech employees that are volunteering their time on mission projects. Please bless the individuals through their experiences. Thank you for putting them in our lives to help steward our responsibility to serve others with our resources.  
  • Prayer for securing new and used EEG equipment for us to take to Uganda, Zambia, and Ethiopia.  Also, pray for logistically delivering or shipping of the equipment that it gets there safe and sound.
  • Pray to encourage Neurotech employees who are not yet involved, to find a calling or passion to volunteer in some regard, if this is the right season for them to be encouraged to so.
  • Pray for the planning of EEG Medical Mission trip and equipment delivery to Zambia and Uganda this fall.  Helps us in our preparation, encourage us and make our planning clear and easy.
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